Coordinating Council

UCC: University Coordinating Council

The ex-officio membership of the University Coordinating Council will be comprised of the chairs and vice chairs of the primary committees as defined in Article III and one appointed UMDSA member. The Chancellor or a designee in consultation with the chair will attend council meetings per agenda topics.

Additional seats will be added as needed.

The University Coordinating Council provides oversight and communication among senates and primary standing committees as well as coordination of the various bodies of the governance structure.

Key responsibilities for the UCC include:

To convene campus assemblies; to ensure thorough communication and collaboration among the chancellor, the UCC, and the various shared governance bodies; to assign issues to the most appropriate governance body (or bodies) with the understanding that other bodies may also provide input; to report to the chancellor and other UCC members the results of deliberations in the various shared governance bodies; to seek reconciliation of conflicting advisory opinions when different bodies have conflicting views; to ensure that the appropriate shared governance bodies are given the opportunity to consider and offer formal comment on the final reports of  any ad hoc committee or task force. UCC: University Coordinating Council minutes and meeting materials.